Promethean Games

07552 020 164 -

Promethean Games, Moss End Garden Village, Warfield, RG42 6EJ

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Getting to us

We are located in the row of the shops towards the back of Moss End Garden Village. It is best to reach us by going through the white automatic doors towards the right of the farm shop. If they do not open you can give us a buzz on the intercom and we can open the door for you.

We are a 5-minute drive from Bracknell town centre and a 10-minute drive from Maidenhead. There is free all-day parking at the front of the garden village

Public Transport

There is a Number 53 bus which stops outside the Garden Village and is the best way to reach us by public transport.

You can view the timetable by clicking here (scroll down to the 53) and you can view the bus route by clicking here.